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Metal Forming Division

Laser Cutting


Proteck manufactures, integrates and delivers a wide range of machines for cutting, welding and cladding. Laser sources in the 1 micron and 10 micron wavelengths based on Disk Lasers and CO2 Lasers are applied in innovative mechatronic systems featuring creative kinematics and dynamic controls driven intelligent software. The very latest in motion control systems on industry leading linear motion platforms are integrated to deliver class leading performance




LP Series
Ease & Economy


Blaze Series
Performance Work horse


Press Brakes


A range of CNC press brakes covering standard synchronized hydraulic machines, energy saving precision servo hydraulic hybrid brakes and the unique modular high performance servo-electric brakes. These are equipped with the most sophisticated controls available today.


PHB Series - Servo Hybrid Hydraulic
upto 160 tons and 3 m

PSB Series
Synchronized Ram Hydraulic upto 250 tons and 4 m