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   Press Accessories
Blanket Wash Device
Anilox Chamber
SW IR Swan Neck Dryer
Varnish Circulator
Water Based Varnish Dryers
Chilled Fount Circulators
Roller Chiller
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   Blanket Wash Device
Brush type cleaner
8 mm oscillation for better scrubbing
Independent spray tubes for solvent and water
1040mm long, 70mm dia Brush
Brush less DC motor
Air pressure pumping of solvent
PLC controlled and touch panel operated
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   Anilox Chamber
40'' wide 5 Kg chamber
Kept at constant set pressure over Anilox Roller with air cylinders
Smooth engagement of chamber to roller
Reusable felt wiper
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   SW IR Swan Neck Dryer
27 SW IR lamps of each 1 kW.
Air-cooled from both sides
Air pressure switch provided for the safety of the reflectors
Infinitely variable intensity through thyristor control
Two zone selection possible for different stock width
Printing machine interface
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   Varnish Circulator
Fully automatic
PLC controlled with touch panel operation
Changeover from aqueous mode to washing mode to UV mode can be done automatically through touch     panel
Viscosity of UV varnish can be adjusted by varying the temperature of Heat Exchanger from touch     panel.
For Anilox roller detergent cleaning cycle can be enabled.
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   Water Based Varnish Dryers
Sheet preheating by air-cooled SW IR lamps (24 kW)
Hot Air generator (30 kW)
3 to 5 Hot Air nozzles provided
Auto temperature cut off.
Air pressure switch provided for heating element safety.
Extraction of water vapour from top axial flow extractor
Extraction of heat and water vapour from bottom through centrifugal extractor.
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   Chilled Fount Circulator

Proteck CFC series chilled fount circulators provide accurate temperature control of fountain solution in dampening systems for offset presses. Featuring a heavy-duty industrial grade refrigeration unit and a venturi-recirculation pump, the circulators deliver control for the press operator in achieving and maintaining the critical ink water balance in offset presses.

Custom built Chilled Fount Circulators for various printing machines web offset, sheet fed offset, one or more offset machines. Alcohol dosers are available as a standard option or connectible at a later date.

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   Roller Chiller

The Roller Chiller has been developed as a cooling system for oscillating rollers in offset printing machine. It can be used in high speed printing machine, in addition it has been made more compact in consideration of printing industry's strict requirement for installation places resulting from the technological innovation.

Continuous water circulation
Maintains constant temperature.
Faster cooling by immersable type system
Minimum start-up time
Automatic high and low pressure cut-off
Digital temperature control

Model PRC 250
Tank capacity, liters 250
Power consumption 3 Ph 7 kW 440V 50 Hz
Overall Dimensions, mm 1350 x 1260 x 880
Refrigerant R22
Ambient Temperature(C) 35 (Max 40C)
Weight in Kg (approx) 500
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  *Specifications subject to change without notice
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