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Heavy duty construction with rollers running on bearings
Optional conductivity meter for CTP plates
Dip tank processing, for single sided plates, with submerged brush
Fluid Handling Unit (FHU) eliminates the need for any plumbing or drain connections to the processor
Accurate and area based replenishment with conductivity control
Efficient hot air knife dryer for fully dry, press ready plates
Digital control of all processor functions
Economy in energy, chemical and water consumption
Model XPD 85 HD XPD 92 HD XPD 125 HD
Materials Positive and Negative working PS plates single sided
Max. width of feed stock 85 cm 92 cm 125 cm
Min. Plate length 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm
Plate thickness 0.15 mm - 0.40 mm 0.15 mm - 0.40 mm 0.15 mm - 0.40 mm
Developer tank capacity 23 litres 25 litres 40 litres
Gum tank capacity 5 litres 5 litres 7 litres
Fluid holding unit Optional 3 chamber - trolley on castors
Developer temperature unit Digital temperature control ± 0.1°C
Drying Double sided hot air drying
Plate counter Standard in all models
Conductivity meter Optional
Plate Stacker Optional
Width 1200 mm 1270 mm 1600 mm
Depth 2200 mm 2400 mm 2500 mm
Height 950 mm 950 mm 950 mm
Gross Weight 450 Kg 500 Kg 590 Kg
  *Specifications subject to change without notice
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