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The world's first servo controlled, stop motion, double diameter cylinder screen press.

Full servo controlled motion of frame and cylinder
Stop cylinder press for high register accuracy
Double diameter printing cylinder, largest cylinder in its class
Asymmetrical print and return speed delivers superior performance than mechanical systems


A heavy duty feeder head with adjustments for preise sheet handling is provided.
Seperate pick up and fowarding suckers provide stable sheet handling.
Single sheet feeder mode is provided for feeding scratch sensitive substrates

Feed Board

A clear un-cluttered feedboard delivers scratch free sheet handling and transport.
Suction tape belts with adjustable guide rolls enable quick and easy setup.
Guide roll frames swing away for easy access to papers and cleaning.

Register System

Sophisticated regiser system with fibre optic sensor for front and side lays.
Push and pull side-lays.
In-cylinder front lays together with fibre sensors detect register accuracy.

Pneumatic Screen Lamp

All screen mounting clamps are pneumatically engaged and single point controlled.
Screen shift and optional screen register enable fast register set-ups to be achieved.

Stop Cylinder

The first double diameter cylinder screen press in the world. This high precision cylinder is of complex construction to realize a highly rigid low intertia system. In-cylinder front lay register sensors are used for accurate register detection. The stainless steel jacket and large diameter as a result of the double diameter construction, result of the double diameter construction, result in high performance.

Screen Frame Driver Rails

The high speed screen frame moves on precision linear motion guides with high velocity guide blocks.

Dump Gate

An in-line dump gate sorts sheets which are un-printed due to register errors. The machine never stops!
The papers registered by the dump gate can be re-fed at the end of the production run.


MODEL ST 74 ST 104
Maximum Sheet Size 740 mm x 520 mm 1040 mm x 740 mm
Minimum Sheet Size 400 mm x 360 mm 400 mm x 360 mm
Maximum Print Size 740 mm x 500 mm 1040 mm x 720 mm
Speed 800 - 4000 sph 800 - 3600 sph
Feeder Pile height 700 mm 750 mm
Feeding System Stream Stream
Side Guide Push / Pull Type Push / Pull Type
Frame size external 880 mm x 880 mm 1280 mm x 1140 mm

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